Aches Away – Massage Oil

Soothing relief after over-exertion.

Blend ID - EMM-001

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  • Aromatic
  • Deeply soothing
  • Refreshing and therapeutic

Price £6.00 / 10.00
(Size 50ml / 100ml)


This is a great all round massage oil to soothe aching muscles, it is deep-working, aromatic and slightly warming.

A favourite with sports massage therapists.

It can be really helpful after exercise, particularly over-exertion of muscles that are somewhat out of practice (I made it after I’d been painting ceilings and couldn’t move my arm the next day).

This aromatic oil is a delight to use. It has a pleasant, fresh and warming aroma.

It is ideal for use on muscles that have just ‘overdone’ it.

Athletes buy this blend from me to use after training.

It’s great for soothing temporary strain and soreness. It contains: Rosemary which is fantastic for getting right into the muscle tissue and easing stiffness, a strong anti-inflammatory and astringent oil;

Peppermint which helps to stimulate the area by bringing fresh blood to tired muscles and warming them at the same time;

Basil which is anti-spasmodic, really good for undoing knots of tension; Lavender which soothes and calms and relaxes; it also contains Benzoin which is calming and anti-inflammatory and gives a soothing aroma.

This blend has been one of my best sellers over the years, a perfect all round body massage oil, it will leave you feeling soothed, relaxed and refreshed.


Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Camphor, Sweet Almond, Wheatgerm.

Additional info

Ready diluted in a base oil for massage.

Not to be used in pregnancy.

For serious conditions always seek medical advice.

Customer reviews

“This is the best all round massage oil, it’s pleasingly aromatic and it does the job.”