Here comes the new website.

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Essential Mix Oils is finally coming of age after 21 years! Sounds like a good excuse to pop some champagne corks! It’s been a major learning curve to tackle the technical side of things but we’re nearly ready to go live. What a journey it’s been.. This business started in 1995 with a small box of oils, and a smallish picnic table as a stall selling at local markets, mainly the famed Bantry Fair and other local events in West Cork, Ireland.

Gradually the products were sold at bigger trading events and several shops. Packages were often left for customers to collect from different shops, pubs and a variety of pick-up points around rural Ireland. Loyal customers have kept in touch over the years and a lot of stuff goes out through the post. In recent years the business has been based in UK. A lot of trade happened through people who met me at my stalls at Glastonbury festival, and other trading events. I’m looking for a change now… 20 plus years of market trading has been good fun, as well as hard work at times so it’s time to get cyber savvy. The old website was like a glorified online price-list and very dated, whereas the new one will tick all the boxes. I’m looking forward to the new chances for interaction. I invite you to browse around and enjoy the new layout, and if you are already a loyal customer please share links to all your favourite products and spread the word among your friends.