New products.

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Along with the new website there are several new products in the pipeline. As well as the usual, fairly comprehensive range of massage oils various new things have arisen. As always, the new products are born out of the requests and demands of friends and family, everything is tried and tested and tweaked and perfected before it earns it’s own label. I now do a lovely blend for women going through menopause… Ch-ch-ch-changes has a blend of oils designed to assist women through this part of the hormonal journey.. I’m more than happy to have private chats with people about what they need and can tailor a blend to suit individual needs and preferences..drop me a line anytime. I love the interaction with my customers. One of my steady best-sellers over the years has been the Face Oil (Face lift in a bottle) , I am always being asked if I can do this as a cream, and I have finally found a recipe for a consistency of cream that I like.. It will soon be on general release. This cream making adventure has spawned a whole new range of products including: -A lip balm (Super Ace Number 1 Lippy) -A heavy duty moisturiser for knees and elbow (Elbow Grease) -A hair oil for heat treatment (great to use in the sauna) -And by popular demand I am finally working on a Beard Oil.. People have been asking me for years about Beard oil.. I thought I’d missed the trend there but beards are obviously here to stay, so I’ll do my bit to keep them soft and beautiful!

-I have also developed a range of aromas that men may Italy they refer to these as ‘Unguentos’ ..pleasing aromas for men to wear. So…watch this space!!