Sandalwood (Australian) – Pure essential Oil

Deeply serene, luxurious, and peaceful.

Blend ID - PUR-051

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  • Enigmatic
  • Sensual
  • Elemental



This luxurious oil is the Australian version of the better known Sandalwood Mysore.

The Mysore oil is no longer available for conservation reasons.

Sandalwood mixes beautifully with sweeter oils like Rose and Ylang Ylang or Jasmine, it adds a quality to them which
enhances their lighter tones and deepens the scent in a rare and beautiful way.

It is often used in skin preparations as it can treat problem skin.

It has the ability to help calm the emotions.

It can also help with colds and throat infections.


Santanum Spicatum.

Additional info

For use in bath or burner or diluted in topical application.

External use only.

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