Valentine’s Day approaches.. Thoughts and feedback about my Exotic Erotic blend

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It was definitely an inspired moment when I made the Exotic Erotic massage blend.
It has a uniquely sumptuous aroma.
Every well-known, commercial range of massage oils has one that is dubbed ‘Sensual’
They are usually ‘floral’, ‘feminine’, quite light tones, heavy on the Ylang Ylang and the Rose.
My blend is rootsy, dark and earthy…passionate and alluring. Loved by all the sexes. Makes people want to bite things…

Back in the early 90s one customer described it as ‘Ethnic Impulse’ ..The Impulse ad from the late 70s being the one where a guy runs after a woman with a big bunch of flowers having been driven delirious by the scent of her perfume as she walked down the street.. the Exotic Erotic blend has a similar effect..( maybe I should call it Pulling Power in a bottle?)
I’m glad to say the ads have evolved with the times, I’ve been watching old Impulse ads and there’s a great one with Quentin Crisp in..anyway..I digress

One of my most recent bits of feedback gave me food for thought

BTW, wowzers with your erotic oils. I have had gorgeous men beating at my door. Not one of them ready for a relationship – of course, but all up for some wild action. Said yes with one and had a particularly yummy time, so thanks very much! Now if you could mix up a potion for a healthy, loving, heart-led relationship, that would be smashing, ta!

So ..I am filled with a sense of great responsibility here….and duty to my devoted customers… a cry has gone out for an oil to attract healthy, heart-led, loving stability while losing none of the passion.
Do I leave something out? Do I add something in? Do I start over?
I know, I’s an aroma..I’m not that’s not REALLY going to magically conjure up a perfect partner out of thin air, but it can sure as hell make the journey towards that WAY more fun…
As a perfume, for those in the dating game, it definitely exudes an aura of animal magnetism.
And for couples, a Valentine’s night in with your loved one, your imagination, and a bottle of Exotic Erotic massage oil can open many delightful doors….
It’s all about the’s all about the scents….

Exotic Erotic – Massage Oil