Essential Mix Oils – Pure essential oils, therapeutic and fragrant aromatherapy blends.

Aroma is a direct path to our sense of inner well-being. Harmony in our home environment is crucial to our feeling of wellness, essential oils can be vaporised around the home in an oil burner to transform how we feel.

I have recently moved myself and my essential oils to Somerset, UK, and am now making and selling my aromatherapy blends in England.

I have several fragrant aromatherapy blends in my range, some relaxing, some stimulating, all are refreshing. Many of these can also be used in the bath. An aromatherapy bath is a truly transformational experience. My unique aromatherapy blends are now on sale in Somerset, England.

My therapeutic massage blends are preparations of pure essential oils, diluted in a carrier oil, they can be used directly on the skin. There are many everyday complaints and conditions from creaky knees to coughs and colds that can easily be soothed and helped with simple aromatherapy oils. From soothing and cleansing baby massage oil, and warming sprain oil, to exotic, sensual massage oil, an array of aromatherapy blends which moisturise and tantalise. I mix the blends using essential oils here in Somerset.

Sometimes people have special favourite aromatherapy blends of their own, but they don’t always have all the ingredients required to make it. If you have a treasured recipe, please feel free to contact me here in Glastonbury and I’ll see if I can make it for you. There are many aromatherapy oils available here in the UK, the quality can vary widely, please take a look at the Testimonials page to read what some of my loyal customers say about my unique mixes.