Spring Ting

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Spring really is JUST around the corner.
For the first time today I really felt it. There are buds starting to bulge on the trees, I have snowdrops opening in my garden, bluebell shoots are getting taller and the sun showed through today.
I know we’ve got a little way to go yet but we have definitely turned a corner away from the long dark winter.
It’s a time to prepare for the time ahead, sewing seeds, setting intentions, getting ready for the busy spring buzz.
I’ve been in the sauna a lot over the winter, it’s a great tonic in the cold weather and it keeps us healthy. I use my Sinus Blaster blend in the sauna and steam room. Apart from having a clean, refreshing, tonic aroma, it also eradicates any bugs and viruses that may be lurking..It’s clean and refreshing and leaves the skin tingly fresh..I’d highly recommend it.
I’ve also been using the sauna to boost the impact of my amazing new Hair Oil, it’s mainly Argan oil (freshly imported direct from Morocco by my friend Debbie) with a few added ingredients and a pleasant aroma. The combination of the oils and the heat leaves the hair super glossy, it’s a real treat. Argan oil, unlike other oils, is really easy to wash out afterwards too, it’s a delight to use.
My post sauna strategy, once I’ve cooled down, is to plaster my Face with my divine ‘Facelift in a bottle’ , the skin loves it after all that steam.
They say good things come in threes…well these three are my recommendation for busting yourself out of winter into spring mode…get clean, shiny and vibrant from head to toe.
Go on..try it..You know it makes scents…

Sinus Blaster – Undiluted Blend

Hair Oil – Conditioning Blend

Face Oil